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  • Fox River Grove School District 3 is a small Pre-K through 8th grade district in a welcoming and vibrant community located in the southeast corner of McHenry County.  Our students move on to attend Cary-Grove High School which is an important partner in bringing our community one of the leading educational programs in Illinois.  Our district continues to strive for excellence as we believe in our mission statement that "Educational Excellence is the Pathway to a Successful Future".  Our district has a full complement of programing to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.  Recent improvements in our technology infrastructure has allowed us to further the experiences for our students in a global society.  1 to 1 educational programing has become an important part of the experience at our middle school.  Increased hands on technology throughout the district partnered with targeted professional development for our staff helps prepare our students for the next step in their educational careers.


    The community of Fox River Grove has been such an important partner with School District 3 to enhance the day to day activities of our students.  From our PTO to the Rec Council and all the other student oriented partnerships such as the Memorial Library and scouting groups, students are blessed with truly a village to raise each child.  An example of community support for our kids was during our volunteer program where all extra-curricular activities were coached/sponsored by parent and community volunteers.  This generosity of time and commitment lasted the entire time from 2004 until 2016 when the district was fiscally sound enough to once again pay for these services.  At no time, was an activity cancelled due to not having a volunteer coach or sponsor. In commemoration of such generosity, the District 3 Board commissioned a work of art by our own Mr. Benrus to show its appreciation for the selfless hours so that our students could continue to have the wonderful extra-curricular experiences.  Thank you Mr. Benrus and thank you parents!!!

    MB Mosaic


    Volunteer Plate

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