Fox River Grove School District 3

Food Services

Fox River Grove School District 3 Lunch Program

    • School District 3 participates in the National School Lunch Program and offers a daily hot lunch to all students in grades K through 8. Hot lunches are $3.00 each and include one entrée of the day, vegetable, fruit, grain and milk (1% white or fat free chocolate). Individual milk is $.60 per carton.
    • Keep up to date on your student’s lunch account by creating an account at You will be able to access your student’s lunch account and see purchases and deposits made to the account. Notices will be emailed when the student’s lunch account is at $2.00 or less on the day sent.
    • You may deposit lunch/snack money (check or cash) by sending it to the offices at ARS or the Middle School for your student’s lunch account. Please make checks payable to School District 3 and write your student’s name and grade on the check. If sending cash, please put student’s name on outer envelope. Payment is also available through if you wish to use a credit card or debit card.
    • District 3 offers a variety of approved Smart Snacks, foods and beverages that are lower in fat, calories and sugar (all approved by the State) at the Middle School only.
    • The meal menus are a summary of daily offerings. If you have any questions regarding the menu or nutritional information, please contact Janet at 847/462-2325 or

Dear Parent, Guardian:

Your child’s school day just got healthier! School lunches now include more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain-rich foods; only fat-free or low-fat milk; “right-size” meals with portions designed for a child’s age; and less saturated fat, trans fat and sodium. The changes in school meals are based on the latest nutritional guidelines.

Here are some important facts about the new school meals:

    • The new school lunch provides 1/3 of the average daily calorie needs for kids by age.
    • Some highly active students, like athletes, may need more calories. Some schools may offer second helpings of fruits and vegetables. A second carton of milk may also be an option. Students and/or sports teams can also bring food from home.
    • In practice, many students are being served the same amounts of protein as before under the new standards.
    • Your child can learn good habits for life by making healthy food choices and getting proper exercise now. Our schools strive to meet the standards set by the NLSP (National School Lunch Program) and work together with parents, to ensure that every child, in every community across America, has access to healthy and nutritious meals. Please encourage them to try new foods and eat the healthy food offered. Reinforce healthy eating by offering similar new foods at home.

Keep updated on the changes at