Homework Ideas for Students With ADHD

Homework Ideas That Work

1. Structure your child's time after school hours, so that homework is completed at the same time each day. Remember, some students have more focus immediately after school. Others need a little down time to have a snack or play before they settle in to do work.

2. Work out a system that works best for your child to remember homework assignments.

3. Create a homework spot away from the family area where there will be fewer distractions. Keep supplies available and ready for use.

4. Work with your child ahead of time to create 15 -20 minute work periods. They may take a short break after each period.

5. A behavior chart with a reward system may motivate your child. Each work period and putting work into a folder to return to school could be counted toward a reward. Rewards can be extra time for an activity or a privilege; they do not have to be material things.

6. Create a checklist for each day.

7. Even if no work is assigned, you may wish to consider using this time for reading, puzzles, art or other quiet activities. This can be especially helpful for families that may have one child doing homework while the others do not have homework.

8. Patience and a positive attitude are especially helpful during homework time. Starting tasks (especially less desired ones!) is particularly challenging for anyone with ADHD.

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