COVID-19 Support

Response to COVID-19

During these uncertain times, it is okay to feel angry, stressed, scared, anxious, bored, sad, nothing or any other emotion! Your feelings are valid, and they may change from day to day, moment to moment.

Your child may also experience many different emotions as well. You can help by carefully listening to their thoughts and feelings, and responding with truth and reassurance.

See the Mental Health Resource page for support for your child or family.

Tips for Managing Anxiety Around COVID-19

  • Limit news consumption
  • Talk with family and friends about other topics
  • Engage in relaxing and calming activities
  • Stay focused on the present rather than trying to predict the future

Links to Additional Resources

  • Fact sheet for coping with stress
  • Tips for helping your child and family cope with COVID-19
  • Workbook to help kids cope with their feelings
  • Site with a toolkit and resources for parents focused on reducing anxiety over COVID-19

Information & Resources

This presentation contains an abundance of resources to support District 3 families during Covid-19.

See slide #7 for contents

Support for Families