Fox River Grove School District 3

UPDATE: District 3 will be fully remote beginning October 26th. This will continue until the health metric data is stable and indicates it is safe for in-person teaching and learning.

If you are registering a student new to the district, please contact the district office at 847/516-5100.

As a reminder, all students entering Kindergarten, sixth grade, or enrolling in an Illinois School for the first time are required to present appropriate proof of a health examination and immunizations.

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Public Hearing for Waiver of School Code Pertaining to Limitation of Administration Costs - November 16, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

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Fox River Grove School District 3 is a small Pre-K through 8th grade district in a welcoming and vibrant community located in the southeast corner of McHenry County. Our students move on to attend Cary-Grove High School which is an important partner in bringing our community one of the leading educational programs in Illinois. Fox River Grove School District 3 is committed to providing educational excellence in a safe, positive, and challenging environment that addresses all students' unique learning styles, strengthened by a collaborative effort between school and community in a fiscally responsible manner. Our district has a full complement of programming to meet the ever-changing needs of our students. Recent improvements in our technology infrastructure has allowed us to further the experiences for our students in a global society. 1 to 1 educational programming has become an important part of the experience at our upper elementary grades and our middle school. Increased hands on technology throughout the district partnered with targeted professional development for our staff helps prepare our students for the next step in their educational careers.

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