Fox River Grove School District 3

Strategic Planning Process

District 3 has developed a strategic plan that will guide our schools in the years to come. A strategic plan helps organizations, like school boards, produce a result-based, action-oriented plan for improvement based on it's preferred future.

In March 2000, a strategic planning steering committee consisting of school staff, parents, community members, and school board members attended a 3-day workshop that set the groundwork for a strategic plan designed for District 3. This groundwork resulted in developing belief statements, parameters, mission statement and five critical issues facing our district.

Belief Statements

We believe

1. in continuous evaluation and improvement of the academic achievement within the district

2. in providing the best educational experience for all students which promotes life-long learning

3. all children can learn and reach their full potential

4. learning is cultivated in a safe, nurturing and respectful environment

5. open and effective communication creates active partnerships

6. a highly qualified, committed and motivated staff is critical to optimal learning


1. We will always treat people with dignity and respect.

2. We will always ensure that expenditures will benefit the educational process.

3. We will value all ideas.

4. We will involve appropriate stakeholders in the decision making process.

5. We will appropriately communicate information about our decisions to all impacted stakeholders.

Mission Statement


Critical Issues

1. Staff Support

2. Communication/Involvement Partnerships

3. Learning

4. Teaching

5. Positive Learning Environment

Each critical issue listed above became a single focus group of 10-12 members. Participants included District 3 staff/administration, parents and community members. Each single focus group developed an action plan for District 3 to support the long-range goals in each critical area.


Goal Statement: Fox River Grove District 3 is committed to employing, supporting and retaining a highly qualified staff, thus facilitating Educational Excellence.

Issues addressed in the Staff Support Action Plan include the following: Professional Development, Educational Environment, Staff Recruitment, Supplemental Student Programs, and Staff Collaboration and Planning Time


Goal Statement: Fox River Grove School District 3 will actively engage in effective reciprocal communication processes to foster and strengthen partnerships between school and community.

Issues addressed in the Communication Action Plan include the effective communication between the district, community, administration, staff, parents, and students.


Goal Statement: Fox River Grove School District 3 is committed to addressing the needs of the whole child by providing a supportive, collaborative learning community in which each child can reach his/her full potential in an ever-changing society.

Issues addressed in the Learning Action Plan include the following: the learning process, home/school connection, technology, assessment, and emotional/psychological development.


Goal Statement: In the pursuit of academic excellence, Fox River Grove School District 3 will provide a comprehensive curriculum and instructional program that meet the needs of all students.

The Teaching Focus Group directed its efforts in the areas of curriculum, instructional communication, educating exceptional students, and assessment/evaluation.


Goal Statement: Fox River Grove School District 3 will provide a physical and emotional environment that ensures security, safety, and an atmosphere of respect and acceptance in the school community.

Issues addressed in the Positive Learning Environment Action Plan include the following: conflict resolution, at-risk students, discipline, diversity and tolerance, staff training, teacher mentoring, parent education series, facilities and grounds.


District 3 is currently working on completing the tasks outlined for each action plan. A great deal of time and effort is being put forth by the administration and staff, as the district progresses toward completing the goals established by each focus group.


The Strategic Planning Steering Committee that met in March 2000 will reconvene in 2003 to evaluate the progress of our Strategic Plan. Also, each action plan includes an evaluation component to ensure that progress is checked and reported on. All five strategic planning action plans are available at the district office for review.

The creation of a strategic plan for District 3 is a proactive step in guiding our district in the future. Input we’ve received from the community has helped influence the action plans that will guide our budget and manage our schools. We would like to thank those individuals who have given us their valuable time, input and effort while participating in the focus groups.